Petty Bridgewater Report – Is This Really A Government Job?

The NFC Championship game has taken the sports world by storm as the result of a no-call pass interference in the final 2 minutes of the game. It was a call, if made that could’ve have punched the Saints ticket to Atlanta for Super Bowl 53, however it was not the case. The game would go to overtime and the Saints would get the ball on the coin toss. You’d think that would clinch the Saints ticket to the ATL, that was not the case. Drew Brees would throw a pick and Greg Zuerlein would nail a 57 yard FG to send the Rams to The Super Bowl.

As for the Saints, you could say they are taking their L about as well as Hillary Clinton did after the 2016 Presidential Election. From lawyers filing litigation against the NFL, to now Congressman demanding NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to testify before a Congressional Committee. That is the case for the Louisiana Representative from District 2 Cedric Richmond. In a statement released on Wednesday night, Richmond expressed displeasure in the result and would go on to say this:

“I have since spoken with colleagues on the Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee about inviting NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to answer some important questions about the unfair call against the Saints,” Richmond said, “a call that he has the jurisdiction to overturn. I stand with Saints owner Gayle Benson on the urgency and significance of having this issue addressed so that it does not happen again. The Saints got the short end of the stick, and I am proud to witness the strength of the franchise and the unswerving support of Who Dat Nation. I look forward to conveying these views to Mr. Goodell soon.”


Hold up, Isn’t the government shut down in it’s 35th day or something? Certain government employees have been missing paychecks for a month and this ass-clown is throwing a fit because his team got “robbed”? I can see now who the non-essential government employees are.

Speaking in reality, this is a move to pander to the emotions of his base, and it is an insult to the intelligence of his constituents and the American public.\ But it’s nice to know that he took time from a partisan pissing contest with Republicans to pander to his base that he believes are nothing but emotionally erratic morons. You can file all the litigation you want. You can put up as many billboards in protest you want. You can have all the useless congressional testimonies you want. The reality is, the result will not change. The Rams and Patriots will play in Super Bowl 53.

Maybe Congressman Richmond should focus more on things that can actually be changed for the better, or maybe it’s time we re-evaluate who exactly are the non-essential employees in the U.S. Government.