ESPN dragged out NBA Draft lottery show to an hour and fans were not amused

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Somehow, ESPN managed to drag out the NBA Draft Lottery show to a full hour.That means in the same amount of time it takes “The Handmaid’s Tale” to weave its densely provocative cautionary tale of a dystopian society, viewers got interviews, draft previews, a recap of the college basketball season, more interviews, lengthy introductions, NBA commissioner Adam Silver rambling on about something, even more interviews, an interesting tidbit about Jami Gertz owning the Atlanta Hawks, plus a guy who (accidentally?) revealed the Cavaliers were getting the No. 8 pick way before it was announced.It wasn’t until 45 minutes into the show when the draft order was finally and mercifully revealed. Even then, ESPN dragged it out, cutting to commercial twice before revealing the top three picks. When it was all said and done, besides Sacramento and Atlanta sneaking into the top three, the heavily weighted lottery went exactly how everybody thought it would.Needless to say, the Internet had thoughts.This ESPN NBA lottery show should’ve started with a player on 2nd base.I remember when this draft lottery happened within a single halftime.ESPN is managing to squeeze in some of the most inconsequential stuff into this lottery special. I don’t know whether to be appalled or impressed.An hour long draft lottery show…and espn wonders why everyone hates themthe lottery broadcast being extended to an hour is the tv equivalent of using 2.5 spacing and making all periods 14 pt font lolThe NBA needs to try to drag this draft lottery out a little more. Maybe throw in some more commercials.There should be a law that bans @espn and the @NBA from drawing out the NBA Draft lottery show for this long. It’s torture.”Next up in this hour-long edition of a five-minute show, we’ll speak to the manufacturer of the envelope glue that …”